Ada Cable

I work on social systems, by talking, writing, making and maintaining things which don’t coerce people, but make it easier to do better things.

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About me

I’ve worked in a wide variety of disciplines- from manufacturing to care work to software engineering to art and design and have formal training in design and (health)care.

I founded and currently run the QueerCare network, an organisation to help trans women doing care for their own communities.

I’m finishing up work on QueerCare in September 2023, so if you’ve got something you think I’d be interested in to work on after that- drop me a line below.

I’m especially interested in building systems, organisational design, propaganda, harm reductionist and abolitionist approaches, and mid scale(100-10,000 piece) manufacturing.

I’m not interested in doing more care work personally, and almost certainly not interested in working around it.

Contact me

The best way to get in contact with me is email. I try to get a response to everything that I get emailed- But please try and send it to the right one.

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